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Our Groups


We offer four different groups, all designed to suit different betting preferences.


One)  Our MAIN GROUP, bets posted everyday on average you can expect 3 bets a day, some days there may be more, other days possibly less. We do have some days where only one bet is advised. It all depends on the racing & value we find in the markets.

We never post bets just for the sake of it, every bet we give we are betting ourselves. Full comprehensive write-ups given with every bet so you know exactly the reasons behind it.    Bet Every Day? This is The Group For You


Two)  The INFORMATION ONLY GROUP, for those that do not want to bet everyday & only want actual information. On average 3-4 bets a week in this group.    Looking To Back Info Only? This is The Group For You


Three)  Our FESTIVAL & MAJOR MEETINGS GROUP. Only like to bet at the big meetings? If so this is the group for you. Every race covered*, we get together & go through the complete card for you. We may say ‘no bet advised or no view’ on some races, but we tell you all the bets that we advise through the whole meeting. We will also tell you which are the strongest bets & you will get write ups included**, exactly the same as our main group.    Like To Only Bet At The Bigger Meetings? This is The Group For You


Four)  Our ITV TELEVISED RACES GROUP.  *** The perfect add-on group for anyone who likes to bet on a Saturday. This group was launched after the success & praise we received for our Festivals & Major Meetings Group. This may be more of a ‘budget price’ but there’s certainly nothing budget about the tips inside. Prefer To Only Bet On a Saturday? This is the group for you



*some races omitted on occasions **time permitting, write-ups may be shorter than main group ***no write ups in group four

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