Brand New Systems Group Launch

A Very Exciting New Group Has Been Launched

Data System Designed To Guarantee Profits

Be Part Of It From The Very Beginning

⭕️ Are you looking for long-term betting profits?

Wake up, place your bets & get on with your day, knowing that at the end of each month your betting bank would have grown substantially.

That sound good to you?

Great, in that case please read on..

As well as making very profits from all the hard work that goes into the form reading & analysis for the bets for our main group, we have also been bringing in very, very good profits from various systems we’ve been running.

We have access to some very impressive software & have been testing that over the past 12 months.

We will continue to tweak it so we continually keep one step ahead, but we believe now is the time to make these bets available to you & have set up a brand new group so we can do just that. 


UPDATE  Thursday 3rd February

We only launched this group two weeks today & just look at the winners members have had already…


Pablo Del Purblo  Won 7/4
Thegravytrain  Won 13/8
Blue Trial Won 5/6
Danny Kirwan Won 11/10
Khatwah Won 15/8
Latino Fling Won 9/4
Steel Wave Won 9/1
Graystone Won 9/4
Tommy De Vito Won 3/1
Fakir D’alene Won 2/1
Zacony Rebel Won 10/11
Heartbreak Kid Won 6/4
No Diggity Won 2/1
Minella Drama Won 85/40
Denzils Laughing Won 9/2
Resumption Won 1/1
Pink Storm Won 3/1
Enfranchise Won 7/5
Socially Shady Won 7/1
Coolnaugh Haze  Won 7/2
Powerstown Park Won 9/4
Raajil Won 9/4


⭕️ Is This Group For Me?

We see this as a long-term venture for members, we advise using a betting account that you do not use for any other bets, set a new one up or you may have one that you opened previously but do not use.  Place the bets as advised all to level stakes & leave it for 6 or 12 months, let it build up & you will be amazed at what you have at the end of that period.

We estimate 1’000 points profit in a year.

A point can be any amount you choose, everyone’s circumstances are different, but even using just £5 a point would see your account build up-to £5’000 in just 12 months if the estimated target was achieved.

And we’re basing that figure using Betfair SP’s, so imagine how much bigger that would be if you were getting on at the bigger early prices!


⭕️ Did you know Bookmakers no longer use traders to price the markets up?

It’s all done using algorithms based on recent form.

So why not use our own algorithms to beat theirs?


With our software we are able to pool an immense amount of data, data that would take anyone hours & hours to do manually.

What started out as an experiment & pure curiosity as ended up being a very profitable betting strategy that we now use alongside our main group bets. 

We’re never going to stop doing our own form, we enjoy it too much, but we’re more than happy to increase profits by betting both.

  • Dam Form
  • Sire Form
  • Weight
  • Trainer Form
  • Headgear
  • Pace Form
  • Speed Form
  • Course
  • Distance

Above you’ll see just a handful of the data that goes through the systems on a daily basis. This is not betting based on value selections, this is purely algorithm based using raw data & statistics. 

profit graph illustration

The bets will be posted in a new dedicated group exactly the same as our main group.

No staking systems, just level stakes on each horse. Wait for the notification on your phone, place the bets & leave that betting bank for at least 6 months. We promise the results will amaze you!

We really are very proud of what we are achieving with this.

We’re constantly updating & tweaking the data we’re using for these bets. So we can only see profits going one way & that’s up!

And not only have we priced this to suit all all pockets, we’re even offering an launch offer for you.



⭕️ Two Months For The Price Of One ⭕️


That’s what we’re offering you today as a new group launch offer.

It would not be unreasonable for us to charge the same price as our main group for this, but all we are charging is just £15 a month.


⭕️ Click Below & Get Two Months For Just £15 ⭕️


Click Here To Be Part Of This Exciting New Group

Once payment has been received you will receive a welcome email with the links you need to get into the group. If you are new & not yet registered a profile on our website you will also receive an email with your username & members area link on. If you are not familiar with Telegram, please find a link below to a handy guide

What Is Telegram & How To Download

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