It’s That Time Of Year Again


Dear member,

As you know we never try & sell info to you, all our bets are membership only & neither do we claim info unless it genuinely is.

And neither do we constantly claim info, on the occasions we do get info it’s either from the Trainer, Jockey or Head Lad.


Not selling info every week is something we were very strict about at the beginning & still are, but after careful discussions we would like to give you the opportunity to join us all on two bets we are having.



Every year we get involved in a couple of touches to help make sure that everyone involved has a good Christmas, not just the head lads but all the stable staff, everyone who works their backside off day in, day out.

Only two of our professionals manage to achieve this & we look forward to these on a yearly basis.


These are always horses with little or no form & always 10/1 upwards. That’s always guaranteed.

We can also guarantee you that you’ll get this sent to you early so you can get the best first price.


This is your first Christmas with us & if you get involved, then this information will be as personal to you as it is to us & everyone in the respective yards.


However, information like this does come at a cost. But what we have decided to do is give everyone that joins in a credit voucher.



You can get both horses for £99.00 & we will include a £100.00 credit voucher that you can redeem with us against any service we offer.

You will get this credit voucher regardless of the results.


We’re not going to mess about with you here, we know that this price may put some people off & if you prefer paying £6, £8 or £10 for info you are more than welcome to continue doing that.

But if you want real info, believe us when we tell you, it comes at a cost.


This is serious, we always like to make sure that all the stable staff have a good Christmas & it’s something we get involved in every year.

Both Horses We Are Backing This Year

Both We Guarantee To Be 10/1 Upwards

Free £100.00 Credit Voucher

Both Sent Early So You Can Get The Best First Price

Happy in The Knowledge You’re Involved With Us & All The Stable Staff

If you would like to get involved with these two, please purchase before Tuesday 22nd December

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