Terms & Conditions

By using the service we provide you must agree and comply to the terms and conditions below.

We have the right to assume that anyone using our service is acting in accordance with the relevant age restriction laws in their region.

The service we provide is confidential and you must never under any circumstances share the information you receive with any third party. Our information is for our members only
Likewise, we will respect your confidentiality and not share any of your details with any other website or third party .

We reserve the right to change terms set out at any point in time.  Please note that when any terms are changed they come into effect as soon as they are published. We will notify you upon making the changes.

Any member found to be sharing any of our information will be removed instantly with no refunds being made.

We expect every member to act responsibly & within their means & hold no liability or accountability for any damages or losses that may occur from any information supplied by us.

We do not offer a refund policy.

If you wish to cancel your membership, any future membership payments must be cancelled before they are due. Normal monthly membership payments will automatically continue after any trial, offer or short membership period unless specified otherwise at checkout. If you are on a free trial & cancel future payments during the free trial, you will lose access to the group, also if you have claimed more than one trial previously we reserve the right to stop access then too.

If you wish to cancel your subscription click here to raise a cancellation request

Privacy policy

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