What Is Telegram & How To Download

So, what is Telegram?

You may already be using the app & be familiar with it. But if not this page is for you & will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Telegram is a free messaging app similar to Whatsapp & is totally free to download from your phones app store.


If you do not already have the app, all you need to do is go to your app store & search ‘telegram’  *see screenshot 

Click ‘GET’ & it will start downloading.

You can also get Telegram for your PC, iPad & mac.

Click here to get the app for Windows desktop, Linux or macOS

For your iPad simply visit the app store the same as you would on your mobile.

If you wanted to know more about the Telegram app, you can visit their FAQ page here


Our group is not a chat group, we send all our bets out using a private channel, it is not a chat group so don’t worry you will not get inundated with loads of chat messages like some other groups. The only notifications you will get are the important ones when bets are posted.

When you join any of our groups you will receive an email from us with the group link you need on, simply click that & you get straight in the group.

It really is that simple.




App Profile Screenshot



If your name is John Smith as the example screenshot shows then it MUST show John Smith in your profile. Just ‘John’, ‘J’ or ‘Smithy’ (as examples) are not acceptable. We need to be able to identify you in the group.

You could use your email address or the username you set to login to our website in the Telegram app as an alternative. As long as we can easily identify you. Please see the screenshots below if you are unsure how to check or change these.


FIRST.. Open The App Click on Settings Bottom Right

Telegram App Change Name & Username Screenshot (1)




Enter your first & last name & click DONE (top right).

You can also change your username by clicking the arrow as shown in the screenshot.

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